Discover the Best Entry Points to Trade Reversals

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to Reversal Patterns & Entry Points

  • 2

    Reversal Patterns & Entry Points: Part 1

    • Video Lesson #1

  • 3

    Reversal Patterns & Entry Points: Part 2

    • Copy of Video Lesson #1

  • 4

    Lesson Slides

    • Lesson Slides

  • 5

    [Bonus #1] Reversal Patterns & Entry Points Cheat Sheet

    • Entry Conditions, Top 3 Candlesticks, Top 3 Price Action Patterns

  • 6

    [Bonus #2] Market Geometry Training Modules

    • Momentum Divergence: MACD Histogram

    • Elliott Wave Theory: Corrective Patterns

    • The Importance of a Trading Plan

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