What You'll Discover:

  • Smarter Trading

    How to spot triple-digit ROI trades, including REAL examples of these exact types of trades - and how to manage those positions until you take profit

  • The Market Geometry Toolbox

    How to apply a specific set of Market Geometry tools to find high-probability entries - including the most overlooked tool in your trading platform

  • Propulsion

    How to see through the “noise” of price action and identify natural market movement, and how you can start applying this to your trades right away

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Propulsion Method Part 2

    • Introduction

    • The Propulsion Method Part 2: Market Geometry

    • Slides

  • 2

    Looking Ahead: Part 3

    • What To Do Next

  • 3

    Bonus Modules

    • Breakout Trades

    • Trading Preparation and the Importance of a Trading Plan

    • Elliott Wave Trading Principles

    • Trading Emotions: How To Control Emotions In Trading

    • The Importance of Discipline and Patience in Trading

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This powerful training series continues with a closer examination of our Market Geometry toolbox, including the standard but prolific tool that's gathering dust in your trading platform.

The Power of Propulsion

The Propulsion Method can be applied to accounts of ANY size, and to any freely traded market.